How to Register a Patent in Qatar


If you have a new unique idea, invention, or book, you can register your intellectual property, under Qatar patent law. You don’t need even to go to the Ministry of Commerce and industry but have to just fill the application online and submit if you are a Qatar Resident. Your application would be thoroughly checked by the authorities and will get recognized after verification processes.

For patent registration in Qatar, Firstly, you have to register online on the MOCI website. You have to specify which type of application you are submitting (PCT or Paris). Then you have to fill all required details including your personal details, invention name, names of inventors etc. Then you have to fill and attach Patent Request from and Patent Obligation Form, inventors ID card or passport and all other documents required.

Your application should include a detailed description of your invention, the agent’s power of attorney evidentiary support for non-residents, commercial registration extract in case of a legal person, the ownership transfer document in case the applicant isn’t the inventor, and the priority documentation issued by the concerned entity.

Once you filed the application through MOIC website, it will go through a strict verification and they will contact you if there any doubts or any amendments are required. After this verification is over, you can pay the registration fees and other fees whichever is needed on the basis of your application. After completion of this stage, you will get the final email which includes all the details of annual fee payment and other things which you have to follow. If you any doubts regarding patent registration you can contact experts from Maramiya IP. If any kind of opposition on patent allowed for you, it has to be raised within 60 days from publication of the patent.  Major three features which would be inspected during the verification process are novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. The duration for the validity of the certificate is 20 years from the date of filing application. It can be renewed from one year before, and within six months after the expiry.

If the patentee has not exploited the invention he registered under patent law in Qatar for a duration of 4 years,  the patent office can grant a compulsory license to a third party, if an application submitted by them proving they have exerted-over a reasonable period of time-efforts in order to obtain a contractual license of reasonable commercial conditions, or for reasonable financial compensation.