MRAMIYA IP has established and developedmeasures to check in counterfeiting in the region through constant monitoring of the market and providing frequent updates to the clients. Our company specializes in intellectual property and anti-commercial fraud.

This experience was the outcome of years of interaction with competent registration offices in Qatar and the region, topped up with our deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of Intellectual Property laws and legislations in our region.

We understand our local markets and conduct field investigations to identify sources and points of sale of counterfeit products. Working closely with our clients, we ensure that our approach remains true to the brand owner’s overall enforcement strategy

We continually monitor publications of newly filed trademarks in the region to make sure that they do not infringe on our clients’ trademarks. Our experts examine phonetic and visual similarities, as well as transliterations and translations, of protected trademarks.

Our experts are conducting regular visits in the market in order to identify the traders who are dealing with counterfeit products.